Throughout the world, Entrepose entities combine their expertise and engage their skills to meet client needs. The diversity of women and men at Entrepose, as well as their interpersonal and business line skills, contribute hugely to the company's performance.

ENTREPOSE_DRILLING_TREMBLAY_009At Entrepose, our aim is to give everyone the chance to build their skill base and develop their areas of expertise through valuable experiences. Developing potential, enhancing career paths, and retaining talents are all as important as meeting the company’s strategic needs.
Integration, training, diversity, safety, and international development are all major focuses of the HR policy at the heart of our company.
Joining us means taking part in major projects, where team spirit, human endeavour, and shared experience all come together to support the company’s development.

The Entrepose Group is favouring close relations with its customers, suppliers and the communities in which it works by developing operations on every continent through its subsidiaries and its projects. Internationalisation is a key component of its growth strategy.

Of the 3,100 employees making up Entrepose, the percentage of women in the workforce went from 16% to nearly 21% in one year.

Training, which is an essential cornestone in building a shared culture, benefited from greater means. 35,945 hours were spent on training 1,241 employees. In addition to the central theme of safety (30% of the sessions), training also covered improving the language skills.

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