Our Expertise

We leverage our extensive Geothermal, Workover and Oil & Gas drilling experience to specialized niche applications. Entrepose Drilling develops solutions to suit the challenges of our customers, aimed to reduce development costs. We innovate with our customers to optimize their operations by exploiting at best the capacities of our rigs.

Industrial Applications          Deep Geothermal Wells          Coal Bed Methane

Since 1981, the oil and gas drilling department has taken part in major oil drilling programs, especially deep-drilling:

  • Oil and gas drilling,
  • Underground gas storage drilling,
  • Horizontal drilling.

Entrepose Drilling (Compagnie de Forage Cofor) is the most senior French geothermal drilling company. With our expertise in this field, we are able to work on a multiple range of projects such as Geothermal wells up to 2500 m.
We are able to achieve deep geothermal drilling in urban settings which requires special know-how to safely work on small drill pads and keep the impact on the neighborhood to a minimum.

We make the difference with our hydraulic rig fleet whenever environmental constraints are critical.

  • Underground storage at 1500 m
  • Drilling for salt at 1500 m.

We also offer integrated turnkey solution: multiple services under a single contract. The key is that the customer benefits from our experience in an integrated manner, increasing output and reducing the total cost of drilling.

The workover department is a natural extension to Compagnie de Forage Cofor’s oil and gas and geothermal businesses:

  • Well workover: pulling, completion and re-completion
  • Re-entry
  • Sidetracking.

We operate for mining and quarry exploration & development, for deep geological and geotechnical exploration for civil engineering, tunnels or underground storage projects.
We focus on providing best in class services capitalizing on:

  • Experienced and successful teams who can adapt to different geological conditions
  • Rigorous logistics organization
  • Broad range of equipment to take up technical challenges (coring in underground gallery, coring from surface, deviated and horizontal coring.
Industrial Applications

Industrial Applications

Entrepose Drilling capitalizes both on its cumulated experience in drilling and on its capabilities of economically drilling in the 1000-3000 meters range to offer comprehensive technical solutions to various industries.

Applications include: underground storage (drilling, cavity leaching etc.), salt (brine) production and potash production for chemical industry etc.




Deep Geothermal Wells

Deep Geothermal Wells

Entrepose Drilling offers one of the most compelling track record in Europe with some 50 geothermal wells drilled from 1000 meters to 3600 meters depth, with bottom hole temperature varying from 80°C to 250°C.

Entrepose Drilling has developed in depth know-how on geothermal well drilling and testing with fit-for-purpose equipment.





Coal Bed Methane

Coal Bed Methane

Entrepose Drilling has developed an extensive experience in Coal Bed Methane Drilling with hundred horizontal drains drilled in UK and France.

Numerous technical record achieved leveraging Entrepose Drilling rigs capabilities (horizontal drain length records (810 m in UK and 990 m in France, 4000 m horizontal section fishbone mutidrain in France).