Entrepose Group is an international contractor that designs, builds and operates production, transport and storage infrastructures for the oil & gas and other energy markets.

The Group carries out onshore, offshore and underground projects.

  • EPC projects for onshore and offshore industrial plants.
  • Installation of onshore and offshore pipelines.
  • Drilling of oil and gas, geothermal and water wells.
  • Development and operation of underground storage facilities.


Entrepose subsidiaries are unrivalled in the sectors in which they operate. They master all the expertise and professional knowledge required to create onshore, offshore and underground energy infrastructures, from design to operation — including manufacturing, procurement, construction and commissioning. The Group’s companies also stand out by their unique ability to manage large projects, performed as part of master agreements such as EPCC (engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning), regardless of the complexity of performance or extreme environments.

The Group’s strategy is based on combining the expertise of its entities and an intention to impose itself as the benchmark in the energy value chain at a global level. Since 2014, and in 2015, this positioning was put into action by reorganising the brand architecture, reinforcing cooperation between business lines — including within VINCI Construction — and developing offers integrating several business lines. Whether by associating surface installations (Entrepose Contracting’s speciality) with underground storage (Geostock), landfalls (Geocean) and horizontal directional drilling (HDI) or even the creation of processing facilities (Entrepose Contracting) with pipelines (Spiecapag) —these offers go as far as including civil engineering with VINCI Construction Grands Projets  and maintenance with Actemium (VINCI Energies) and are synonymous with optimisation, overall control of the project and simplifying management for customers.

Key figures (2015)

661.3 M€
permanent employees
sites every year

Group organisation

Group organisation

Since the end of 2014, Entrepose Group is organised in six major business lines plus an international network of subsidiaries, working on all activities. In January 2016, VINCI Environnement joined the Group.