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Our know-how serving your environment

Vinci Environnement positions on clean energies in France as international.
More particularly as designer / builder of turnkey projects in the renewable energies as the geothermal, or the biomass as well as in the valuation in clean energy of waste.


VINCI Environment is firmly committed to the challenge of permanent innovation

Tougher environmental regulations creating pressure for increasingly efficient, safer treatment process, together with the need to address the very diverse needs and behaviours of people in different territories, and the need to stay competitive in the global marketplace, all demand relentless innovation and technological responsiveness in all our businesses.


Embodying sustainable development concepts in the design and management of installations and projects:

Motivating, educating and training all of the actors involve in a project (e.g. our employees, partners, co- and subcontractors, clients, and operators) to ensure that everyone works to promote a sustainable environment, in the conduct of their business and in their practices.

Integrating our projects harmoniously into their immediate environment, while making the best possible use of the existing state of affairs.


We intend to go on improving

To be a major player in the environmental business, we need to stay constantly at the technological cutting edge. We are working continuously to improve our methods and processes, in order to offer our local authority and industrial clients the latest in technological expertise. With a wide array of solutions to choose from, we can provide an appropriate response to any problem presented to us.