Our Equipment

Entrepose rig fleet allows us to support our clients in taking up today environmental and technical challenges up to 4500-5000 m depth.

Conventional Rigs     Hydraulic Rigs     Workover Rigs

ENTREPOSE_DRILLING_FORAGE_TREMBLAY_20150701_080Drilling Performance

  • Hydraulic Rig: pull down capabilities to push drill string in top and horizontal sections
  • Skidding system: well to well rig moves within few hours on skidding rails
  • Automated Drilling: outstanding drilling performances through precisely controlled drilling parameters

Safety Performance

  • Automated handling: reduced teams (30%), eliminating any isolated working position
  • Pipe bins: super single pipe bins system eliminating monkey board operations
  • “Safety by Design”: rig design focusing on reducing human manual operations

Environmental Performance

  • Minimal footprint: half the size of conventional rigs of equivalent hook load
  • Reduced visual impact: rig height reduced by 40% thanks to a hydraulic telescoping mast
  • Low noise level: power generation & hydraulic power unit totally sound-proof, draw works and brakes noise eliminated

Aside from its own fleet, Entrepose Drilling can mobilize state-of-the art rigs from its commercial partners.