Our Technical Expertise

Geostock benefits from a whole range of skills, with over 50 years of know-how and expertise in underground storage technologies, for all techniques and all products.

A proven expertise for all Techniques and all Products 

Thanks to our network of experts worldwide, we offer consulting services tailored to the customer, for all types of Underground Storage Techniques and a full range of products.

Underground Storage Techniques


Underground Storage in Porous Media                 Underground Storage in Mined Caverns


A multidisciplinary expertise

Our expertise covers both Subsurface and Surface Facilities, but also for Operation and Maintenance of Storage Facilities


  • Subsurface Technologies
    Geology, Geophysics, Geomechanics, Hydrogeology, Reservoir Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mining, Leaching
  • Drilling and Well ServicesVertical as well as directional and horizontal drillings, Well completion, Work over, Maintenance, Plugging and abandoning of wells.
  • Logging and Testing Services
    Pressure, Temperature and flow rate measurements in underground storage wells, Level measurements and sampling of natural gas and liquid products, Tightness tests, Complex tests for reservoir performance assessment.
  • Surface Engineering
    General installation, Processes, Pipelines, Electricity/Instrumentation, Control Systems


Solutions to improve Reliabity, Safety and Storage Performance

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Our dual expertise in engineering and operation of storage facilities acquired over 50 years has allowed us to anticipate the needs of our customers ; we developed a set of tools and innovative solutions to improve integrity, security and performance of underground storage facilities.

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