The diversity in scope and size of Spiecapag’s most recent projects confirm its capacity and expertise to successfully deliver projects in regional, remote and urban environments

  • +100 yearsof experience
  • +50,000 kmof pipelines built
  • +24%Indigenous Workforce Engagement (2018)
Who we are

Our Expertise - Your Advantage

With over 90 years of experience, Spiecapag is one of the world’s leading companies in oil, gas and water pipelines and associated systems.

Capable and experienced
A specialist in projects of all sizes and complexity, Spiecapag has a unique list of references, from flagship projects to initial infrastructure.

Confidence to deliver
With the help of its parent companies, Spiecapag not only enjoys stability and financial solidity, but also a feeling of trust which allows it to position itself on the most ambitious projects.

Spiecapag believes that there can be no economic development without the respect of stakeholders in and around its projects.


Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

Health and safety are core values for the company. The action plan is led by Spiecapag’s Health and Safety Committee and was strengthened in 2017 with new initiatives to ensure that real life situations in the field continue to be taken into account and drive future best practice.

Since September 2012, over 30 million hours have been worked in our international projects without accidents leading to stoppage.
On our projects in the region, thanks to the development and deployment of high-performance Health and Safety Management Plans, there has been no significant incident during works, proof that a determined and consistent Safety policy leads to a successful project. These results are the fruit of the significant efforts made by project teams with the committed support from the management team.

Our communities

Playing our part in strengthening communities and social development

Spiecapag’s teams have built up an international reputation for the company. Team spirit is forged on projects throughout the region and the world.

Spiecapag has a long legacy of supporting and engaging local business in our supply chain, and helping individuals within the community to develop their skills when working on our construction projects. In support of this commitment, Spiecapag developed and implemented a Capacity Building Program in remote areas to assist individuals to become job-ready before work even starts. A key objective of the program is to ensure lasting benefits in terms of employability and commercial opportunities beyond the time-frame of the pipeline or drilling project.

Spiecapag works closely with the Indigenous Groups in selecting programs and projects that have long-term sustainability economic benefits to the community.

Inside the business, Spiecapag knows that its performance and growth are underpinned by qualified staff having the technical, managerial and commercial skills and the experience necessary for successful delivery of its most complex projects. Its Human Resources policy and structures reflect Spiecapag’s aim of attracting and developing talented employees, and building  their loyalty.

As a responsible employer, the company aims to create sustainable jobs, organise the sharing of the benefits of growth, encourage quality dialogue between management and employees, protect the health and safety of every co-worker, prevent discrimination, and anticipate skills development requirements.

Together @ Vinci

Profile & Financial Capacity

The stability and financial solidity of Spiecapag and its parent companies Entrepose Groupe and VINCI are factors which further boost confidence when it comes to reliable execution of projects.

Top credit rating from the Central Bank (Banque de France)
Through prudent management, Spiecapag currently benefits from financial solidity which has earned it the top (C3++) credit rating from the Bank of France. The C3++ or “Excellent” rating reflects the company’s capacity to honour its financial commitments, and is the top rating awarded by the Bank of France.

Equity capital and cash: a solid financial footing
Spiecapag has the necessary resources to meet its commitments, and with the backing of its powerful parent companies Entrepose and VINCI, is financially strong enough to deliver projects of all sizes, including large projects whose value can amount to several hundred million dollars or euro.

Plant and equipment

In-house fleet of specialised pipeline plant & equipment

Spiecapag’s in-house, specialist pipeline plant is overseen by our experienced project managers and site supervisors. This streamlines mobilisation and efficient use of resources.