The health crisis that the world is facing today is exceptionally extensive. In all the countries where they operate, Entrepose’s companies are playing their part in efforts to contain the Covid-19 pandemic and strictly applying public authorities’ recommendations.

Protecting everyone’s health and safety are our absolute priorities. In countries that have enforced lockdowns, our companies immediately took measures so that employees who can work from home are able to do so.

We will systematically help our customers and public authorities complete projects considered non-deferrable, in all cases strictly complying with measures to keep our employees and subcontractors safe.

We are mobilised, worldwide, to contribute to efforts to eradicate this pandemic and to work alongside authorities to prepare to move past this health and economic crisis as rapidly as possible. Together, we will overcome this ordeal. All together, with our employees, customers, partners and subcontractors, we will show that we are able to rebound. Let’s continue to build on trust.