Leading players in their fields of operation, Entrepose subsidiaries master all the expertise and Professional know-how necessary for the creation of onshore, offshore and underground energy infrastructure. The cross-cutting nature of our business approach enables us to offer you turnkey management solutions for your projects, synonymous with optimisation and overall control.



Energy recovery

Fields of expertise:

  • Waste treatment and waste-to-energy recovery
  • Flue gas treatment
  • Mechanical and biological treatment of household waste
  • Energy recovery (production of electricity)

Exclusive technologies and processes:

  • Rotary kiln, stepped grate, roller grate, water-cooled grate
  • KOMPOGAS© Process (license for France): anaerobic digestion of household wastes, green wastes and other organic wastes
  • Electrostatic precipitators and fabric filters; scrubbers, cooling tower and rotary atomizer; déNOx SCR and SNCR
  • Automatic composting process with forced aeration, tunnel composting process

VINCI Environnement

Entrepose International Network

VINCI Environnement is involved in the engineering, design and build of turnkey renewable energy production units, in particular those using anaerobic digestion processes, and energy-from-waste recovery units treating household or industrial wastes (thermal, electric or combined plants).
It develops and improves the technologies integrated into these units as well as an exclusive range of flue gas treatment processes (treatment of acid polluants, dioxins/furans, heavy metals, nitrogen oxides, filtration) from waste combustion. Its unmatched savoir-faire rests on expertise developed over more than 50 years, proven through more than 500 projects in France and internationally.
Previously a member of VINCI Construction France, VINCI Environnement joined the Entrepose Group in January 2016.

Oil&Gas infrastructure and industrial engineering

Fields of expertise:

  • Storage infrastructures for liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), condensate and other liquified gasses
  • Installations for production, treatment, storage and transport of hydrocarbons
  • Gas compression and pumping stations
  • Electrical power plants
  • Maintenance operations

Entrepose Contracting

Entrepose Industries

Entrepose CMPEA

Entrepose IKL

Entrepose International Network

Entrepose Contracting is an international player that specialises in onshore oil and gas infrastructures for production, treatment, storage and transport, with the further ability to fulfil projects in other energy sectors and other industries such as water treatment (pumping stations). It performs turnkey projects – from pre-project engineering to commissioning and even maintenance operations – for energy installations throughout the world. Based on its in-house resources and/or through its subsidiaries, the company also provides its clients with a portfolio of specialist skills: the ability to manage complex projects; engineering within its in-house design offices, supported by the contributions and expertise of Entrepose IKL in Asia; the supply chain management within the Entrepose Services network; manufacture of specialist items (roof segments, risers, storage spheres, etc.) using the expertise of Entrepose Industries in Dunkirk; and lastly, construction and commissioning operations drawing on the experience of its works teams. Where required, Entrepose Contracting can also assist in seeking to obtain funding at an early stage in any project.

Entrepose Contracting’s ability to manage projects and all corresponding interfaces, regardless of complexity, scale and on-site constraints, has enabled the company to conclude prestigious contracts on every continent and at every latitude.

Onshore pipelines

Fields of expertise:

  • Construction of onshore pipelines and associated infrastructures for oil and gas (compression, pumping and metering stations)
  • Water supply and distribution networks
  • Slurry pipelines
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling for: hydraulic pipelines – hydrocarbons pipelines – electrical or communication networks – landfalls and outfalls
  • Laying pipes in groundwork by means of Horizontal Directional Drilling for electrical and hydraulic installations, transportation of hydrocarbons, communications networks, landfalls and outfalls



Entrepose International Network

Spiecapag provides full life-cycle support to the pipeline industry. It intervenes starting from project conception and financing assistance, to engineering,
procurement, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance. This expertise covering onshore pipeline and related ancillary works such as pumping and compression stations, metering and regulation facilities, storage complexes and loading-unloading facilities. Since it constructed its first high-pressure pipeline in the Paris region in the 1920’s, Spiecapag has acquired unsurpassed experience with more than 50,000 km of pipelines and onshore infrastructures in more than 60 countries on all continents.
With more than 90 years of continuous experience and a fleet of equipment that it can mobilise rapidly to all points of the globe, Spiecapag has become a specialist in complex projects, from both a technical point of view for large diameters, and from a project execution standpoint, working in environmentally-sensitive areas like deserts, artic regions, mountainous zones, tropical rain forests, etc.HDI is specialised in the trenchless installation of pipelines under natural or artificial obstacles (rivers and canals, dikes and levees, railways, highways, airfields, coastal zones, ridges and cliffs, etc.) by means of the Horizontal Directional Drilling method (HDD). With more than 2,000,000 meters of pipelines installed by HDD on all continents since 1984, HDI is a pioneer and recognized leader in its field of expertise. Likewise, the HDD method applied by HDI to the pipeline construction of marine outfalls in synergy with Geocean constitutes a competitive and innovative alternative to traditional trenching techniques to connect onshore and offshore facilities. Further advantages provided by to this technique are that permitting is facilitated and project timelines can be shortened, it is not affected by weather conditions and it ensures greater respect for the environment.



Shallow water works

Fields of expertise:

  • Design and turnkey construction of offshore and coastal works (submarine pipelines, import and export terminals (CBM, SPM), moorings, wharfs and jetties)
  • Specialised works: trenching for submarine pipelines, pipeline landfalls, other special works


  • Abyss remotely operated submarine excavator
  • Max and Super Max marine excavators for shallow water trenching
  • Masurca trenching system


Entrepose International Network

For more than 30 years, Geocean has successfully executed marine works projects on all continents, in very diverse climatic conditions and with varying logistical challenges. Geocean performs turnkey projects under EPCI-type contracts or for public works contracts in the oil and gas, mining, chemical industries as well as on the public works market. It builds coastal structural works for power stations, desalination plants and water treatment plants.

Geocean stands out from its competitors through its ability to work also on landfalls in shallow-water zones, where it uses its line of specialised equipment developed in-house. Geocean owns and operates a fleet of marine assets, and has performed turnkey pipelaying operations and oil platform installations. Among its fleet, Geocean counts a pipelay barge dedicated to offshore oil and gas works, the Geocean Protis, equipped with a 500 t crane and S-lay systems.
Additionally, Geocean has developed expertise in marine renewable energies and performed deep sea water intake operations (–1,000 m) for SWAC systems (Sea Water Air Conditioning). Geocean devotes significant resources to innovation and to the development of specalised equipment, so that it can offer original and economical solutions to its clients.


Underground storage

Fields of expertise:

  • Engineering consultancy
  • Construction management
  • Operation & maintenance


Underground storage of natural gas, liquid or liquefied hydrocarbons, compressed air, hydrogen, carbon dioxide (CO2) or effluents in different types of caverns:

  • salt caverns
  • mined caverns (unlined and lined)
  • porous reservoirs (aquifers, or depleted oil or gas fields)


Geostock is a leading player in the underground storage of liquid, liquefied and gaseous hydrocarbons as well as the associated surface facilities and process. Its offer extends from consultancy and design, to supervision of construction and operation-maintenance within the scope of long-term contracts. The expertise of Geostock is grounded in 50 years of experience.
This longevity enables a large range of multi-disciplinary skills to be mobilized for underground works, including earth science, civil engineering, drilling, solution mining, tests and measurements for surface facilities, process and mechanical engineering, automation, electricity, control systems. Geostock has also developed and implements a set of innovative solutions to improve performance, reliability, and safety of underground storage facilities, notably focused on three major themes: HSE and risk management, asset integrity management and performance management.