Entrepose relies on its local roots to offer its comprehensive energy solutions.

An expertise deployed on all continents

Entrepose sustainably develops its local presence thanks to its subsidiaries and the projects it carries out. The Group’s approach aligns with its desire to create sustainable activity and to build close ties with its clients and the communities in which it operates.

Entrepose has fashioned itself from entities with complementary expertise and through experience in different sectors. The subsidiaries that compose its main lines of business form internationally-recognised brands. They take charge of the largest projects, from design to construction, including procurement and the manufacture of equipment. Some of them also carry out commissioning and, if necessary, maintenance of the installations.

Other entities of the Group are linked to a territory. With the exception of special cases where they depend on a single brand that they represent in a specific region, they belong to Entrepose International Network (EIN), a network of cross-cutting geographical subsidiaries. Its role is to support and develop the local activity of historical subsidiaries in Algeria or Nigeria and new subsidiaries, such as Intech in Brazil. EIN thus strengthens the synergies between the various brands, to offer clients our full expertise worldwide.

Entrepose Algerie

Fields of expertise:

Turnkey “EPC”  projects integrating engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning  of all type of onshore facilities   in the energy, hydrocarbons, water and other industry sectors.

  • Industrial plants (cpf, compression stations / pumping stations …)
  • Storage tanks
  • Pipelines
  • Power Plants
  • Industrial facilities (cement plants, mining)
  • Firefighting networks
  • Big evaporation pits
  • Logistic support

Maintenance and special activities to carry out the specific needs of our customers in:

  • Scheduled shutdowns services
  • Revamping
  • controlled tightening
  • Tie-ins
  • Hydrostatic and pneumatic tests
  • Services to bins and capacities
  • Scaffolding service
Entrepose DBN

Fields of expertise:

  • Procurement services
  • High voltage electrical work
  • Storage tanks
  • Refinery turn around maintenance
  • Jumpers production
Intech Entrepose

Created in 1998, Intech is the Brazilian reference in directional horizontal drilling.

Specialty areas:

  • Directional drilling
  • Pipeline laying
  • Construction of a decompression station/city gate
  • Corrosion protection systems
  • Pipeline maintenance and hot tapping

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Committed to local communities development

Present and active in almost thirty countries through permanent facilities or operations, over the years Entrepose has conducted large-scale projects in more than 60 countries on all continents. This unique experience is based on a true local approach not only with our clients, but also with the Group’s suppliers and the communities in which it operates.

International presence and partnerships