As an international contractor in energy businesses, the Entrepose group designs, creates and operates infrastructure that interacts strongly with the environment. From the early stages of designing facilities and throughout the process of carrying out our work, Entrepose plays an active role in preserving the environment and promoting sustainable development. All of the Group’s subsidiaries perform their works in accordance with ISO 14001.

Environment: master and reduce the impact of company activities

A key component of its activities, controlling environmental impact is at the heart of Entrepose’s operational performance. To meet the increased requirements of clients, its commitment is also based on a proactive approach through respect for the Corporate Social Responsibility charter published at the beginning of 2015 and the VINCI Manifesto, which reaffirms the Group’s desire to devise efficient solutions for reducing its footprint throughout the life cycle of its projects.

This ambition is driven by the strong mobilization of managers, and is accompanied by an employee awareness policy, which has enabled VINCI Environnement and Geocean to join Spiecapag and Entrepose Contracting as entities holding ISO 14001 certification. Above and beyond training dedicated to the environment and the preservation or restoration of natural environments, a quarterly report is published that also highlights the efforts of each entity, resulting in particular from the significant fall in overall electricity consumption.

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From the early stages of designing facilities and throughout the process of carrying out our work, all over the world, we consider the environment, society and populations in the areas we work as an integral part of our activity. The company is thus fully committed on:

  • Managing the environment impact – As part of the construction and operation of any facility, we design and implement lasting solutions that are as compatible as possible with ecosystems and the environment. We measure our energy performance during our operations, with a view to energy optimisation.
  • Promoting green growth – We commit to developing prospective refl ection and investing in R&D eff orts to support our customers in the quest for better energy effi ciency. We also commit to designing, developing and implementing renewable energy projects.

 Seeking added value

Beyond complying with standards in the sector, Entrepose’s environmental commitment is proven by systematically seeking added value in its offers. In the technical field, designing a process also leads the company to offer a solution that consumes less energy in the operation phase.

This goal, ever-present in the design phase, also steers longer running research work and results in innovations that can mark the whole sector.


Protecting endangered species

Protecting endangered species

In Bangladesh, working on two projects to install FSRU (Floating Storage Regasification Units) fixed infrastructure, Geocean teams focused on the preservation of the critically endangered Spoon-billed Sandpiper and purchased a portable mini waste water treatment plant.

Preserving biodiversity

Preserving biodiversity

Spiecapag’s commitment to preserving biodiversity was illustrated in Greece on the TAP project by replanting the 40,000 species of plants that were temporarily moved for the intrinsic needs of the worksite, in addition to processing wastes and treating water.

In the same manner, recovering of the excavated earth and controlling erosion, which are the prerogative of any worksite performed by the company, were accompanied by actions taken to protect fauna, particularly white-clawed crayfish on the Val de Saône project.