Quality: towards an integrated management system

Quality is an essential component of the Entrepose Group, and all subsidiaries are certified ISO 9001. The management and control of the risks associated with Entrepose’s activity is integrated at every stage.

In 2018, Entrepose Group adopted an Integrated Management System (IMS).

This new system, which fully meets the quality, health, safety and environmental requirements of current standards (ISO 9001 – OHSAS 18001 – ISO 14001), successfully obtained its first certification in December 2018.

Already in place within several subsidiaries, it will gradually be extended to the entire Group by the end of 2020. Its adoption now enables Entrepose to offer its clients optimised solutions relating to combined offers involving several subsidiaries, affecting the same project.

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Ethics: a global commitment

The Entrepose group has long been mobilised around this concern and has published and distributed several reference guidelines to its employees. It continues training and awareness-raising activities in order to prepare for the certification of its anti-corruption management system, which will comply with the future ISO standard. These initiatives, combined with the continued involvement of general management, have broadened and enriched our collective awareness and illustrate the strong ethics culture taking hold at the heart of all Group activities.

Furthermore, in compliance with the legal requirements of the Sapin II Law in France, the Group’s compliance program has also been strengthened, systematising the due diligence and risk assessment linked to third parties.

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