Quality: towards an integrated management system

Quality is an essential component of the Entrepose Group, and all subsidiaries are certified ISO 9001. The management and control of the risks associated with Entrepose’s activity is integrated at every stage. Improving quality, sharing best practices, and integrating the quality management system at the Group level are priorities. The adaptability and responsiveness of Entrepose entities, and the methods and expertise acquired allow the Group to deliver complex projects and fabricate for competitive markets – all the while maintaining the highest quality standards, according to the client’s budget.

The Group is unified around the harmonisation of Entrepose’s management systems, which is intended to improve the Group’s  operational excellence and encourage synergies between subsidiaries to better meet the expectations of customers and other interested parties.

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Ethics: a global commitment

To address ethical issues and the shared expectations of customers and stakeholders, Entrepose adopted the VINCI Code of Ethics and Compliance. Over the years, many other actions have been taken to flesh out this proactive approach. In addition to creating a specific committee and publishing the Corporate and Social Responsibility Charter, the Group also drafted a
guide about corruption and prevention, and initiated an awareness-raising process on these issues in several departments and for the entire sales force.

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