Relying on local resources and know-how

The Group is committed to the economic and social development of the locations in which it operates, with employees of its regional subsidiaries primarily natives of the countries. The same logic prevails on projects of all of its subsidiaries, which strive to provide employment and inclusion of local communities, while ensuring continual communications through the use of liaison officers on numerous projects to promote relations between stakeholders starting from the tender phase.

Allowing talent to blossom and promoting diversity

The group has a proactive policy on equal opportunities and diversity. Each year, the subsidiaries take part in various recruitment events and strengthen their relationships with schools and training organization. As such, Entrepose DBN is financing a digital marketing and project management training programme for Nigerian students and artisans, as part of the subsidiary’s skills development plan. On its side, Spiecapag supports awarding scholarships to students seeking to pursue a career in pipeline construction through its membership of the professional association IPLOCA.

As a result of its ambition to welcome more women to its ranks and professions, and to expand their opportunities, Entrepose launched the ‘Women at Entrepose‘ programme in November 2018. It aims to increase the presence of women on Management teams, following in the footsteps of parent company VINCI, and generally encourage women’s professional development within the Group.

The Group is also committed to open positions to disabled people. Awareness operations have increased, particularly within the framework of the European week for the employment of people with disabilities.

Discovery internships for middle school students

Discovery internships for middle school students

Aware of the challenges of vocational guidance and integration, Entrepose strives to actively participate in initiatives launched by all regional players. In particular, it decided, in partnership with the association ‘Create Your Future‘, to host 16 middle school students from priority education zones to its headquarters (Colombes, France) for an internship week.

The aim: to give them the opportunity to discover the world of business, organise educational and entertaining workshops, but also to discuss the underlying theme of a project called Major projects abroad: how to attract young people.



Promoting the diversity of our staff is a key objective of Entrepose strategic development plan. In order to act more effectively and to rapidly develop the role of women in management positions, to reach the target of 25% female managers by 2025, the ‘Women at Entrepose’ programme was launched in November 2018.

This initiative is steered by a committee whose members from all subsidiaries (mixed pairs). Their reflection is nurtured by the active participation of employees who can contribute, share their ideas, initiatives and suggestions