Customer :


Role :

Wells Engineering & Assistance to operation and reservoir follow-up.

Key date :

Commissioning 1986 Capacity increase 1985-2014

Location :

Loenhout, Belgium, Belgium

Description of the Project

Since 35 years, Geostock has a wide involvement in this underground gas storage

  • 1500.10.6 Nm3 total gas capacity
  • 800.10.6 Nm3 working gas capacity

Work done and added value of our solution

  • Preliminary and feasibility studies,
  • Basic design, Wells design,
  • Wells drilling supervision,
  • Assistance to surface facilities construction,
  • Supervision of acceptance tests, commissioning and start-up,
  • Assistance to administrative authorizations,
  • Training of operators and preparation of operating documents,
  • Assistance to operation and reservoir follow-up,
  • Supervision of expansion phases (volume and flow-rate increases),
  • Continuous involvement in all kind of G&G, reservoir, wells and drilling studies.

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