Customer :


Role :

Owner's representative and construction manager. Storage operator

Key date :

Commissioned in 1971 and 1984

Location :

Lavera, France, France

Description of the Project

Construction of two LPG Mined Storage Facilities with a total volume of 306000m3

  • a 183 000 mButane Mined Storage Facility (1 commercial butane cavern and 1 chemical butane cavern), commissioned in 1971
  • a 123 000 m3 Propane Mined Storage Facility (1 cavern), commissioned in 1984

Work done and added value of our solution

Our scope of work:

  • Preliminary and feasibility studies
  • Basic and detailed designs
  • Owner’s representative and construction manager
  • Acceptance tests, commissioning and start-up
  • Assistance to administrative authorizations
  • Training of operators and preparation of operating documents
  • Full Operation of the facility

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Cavité butane Geogaz

  • Liquefied Hydrocarbons
  • Mined Rock Cavern