eSCi FRHealth and safety, environment, quality

Health and safety are core values for the company. The action plan led by the Spiecapag Health and Safety Committee and started in 2012 continued in 2015 with new initiatives to ensure that real life situations in the field continue to be taken into account.

Since September 2012, over 22 million hours have been worked in our international projects without accidents leading to stoppage.
On the Incahuasi and EGP projects, thanks to the development and deployment of high-performance Health and Safety Management Plans, there has been no significant incident during works, proof that a determined and consistent Safety policy leads to a successful project. These results are the fruit of the significant efforts made by project teams with the committed support from the management team.

Finally, our ongoing commitment in the area of Quality contributes to the satisfaction of customers’ demands and needs during project implementation. Proof of this is the ISO 3834-2 certification (Quality in Welding), awarded in February 2015, for welding operations on pipelines in Bolivia within the framework of the Incahuasi project.

The Spiecapag Management System, re-certified in 2013, was subject to annual monitoring no. 2 in June by AFNOR Certification, with no instance of non-compliance. The Management System satisfies the demands of the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 international standards, which include Health, Safety, Environment and Quality.

MASCOTTE_SPIE_machine - CopieSocial Responsibility – Sustainable Development

Our capacity to take account of the interests of all parties involved in the projects is essential for the future of our company. Our projects are complex and often in sensitive and isolated regions, so by their very nature the stakes are high for those involved and for the environment.

In this context, Spiecapag has implemented its Corporate Social Responsibility policy. This is an innovative policy in the world of pipeline construction since we are amongst the first companies of the sector, if not the first, with a long-term commitment to the issue of Corporate Social Responsibility. Our policy has been vindicated by the interest expressed by groups which place orders with us.

2015 saw the continued deployment of the “Cap 2015” action plan, which also included new initiatives and was managed by the Social Responsibility Committee with a representative from the Works Council. At the end of the year the action plan was reviewed and renamed “CAP 2020” to take account of the developments occurring at our parent company Entrepose Group.

As a result of the implementation of this action plan, the group was awarded level 3 “Confirmed” status in the AFAQ 26000 standard in October 2014 (referring to the guidelines of the ISO 26000 international standard). The mid-term (18 month) follow-up on this assessment was due to take place in July 2016.