Turnkey biomass power plants design & build

What is a biomass power plant ?

What is a biomass power plant ?

A biomass power plant produces energy through the combustion of organic material from plants or animals, which turns boiler water into steam. The steam is then sent through a steam turbine that could provide heat, and coupled with a generator will produce electricity.


  •  Our unique experience in designing and building complex installations…

…enables us to integrate our processes at your service during the different phases of a biomass power plant construction.

But it’s also…

A renewable energy
Energy produced from biomass is renewable and has a neutral carbon footprint

A flexible energy
Unaffected by unpredictable weather, does not rely on wind, sun or rain

A reliable energy
Available 24/7
Up to 4 times more available than solar or wind power

A competitive energy
Does not require fossil fuel

An energy with a responsible attitude towards global warming
The emission of CO2 is equal to the quantity absorbed by the plants during their growth, so the overall carbon footprint remains neutral.
Biomass combustion prevents methane, a greenhouse gas with a strong harmful potential, from being released into the atmosphere


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