Energy Recovery

Turnkey energy recovery unit design & build

What is energy recovery ?

What is energy recovery ?

Energy recovery enables us to turn waste into resources and contributes to protecting the environment by limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy recovery uses the calorific value from waste by burning it and recovering the energy in the form of heat and electricity.



  • Our unique experience in designing and building complex installations…

…enables us to integrate our processes at your service during the different phases of an eco-combustion unit construction

But it’s also …


An abundant energy
An endless source of energy : we produce waste 365 days a year, and a great proportion of it is non recyclable

A clean energy
4 tons of waste saves :
1 ton of crude oil or 2 tons of coal

An environmentally-friendly energy
The energy released is recovered to provide electricity and heat to houses, schools, nurseries, etc.
50% of the energy recovered is renewable

An energy with a responsible attitude towards global warming
Eco-combustion lowers the volume of waste sent to landfills, which contributes to reducing greenhouse gases (prevents release of methane emissions into the atmosphere)

A competitive energy
With the sale of the energy produced, eco-combustion reduces the cost of urban waste treatment by an average of 200%
An eco-combustion unit produces energy 24/7



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