Gas-fired thermal power plants

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What is a gas-fired thermal power plant ?

What is a gas-fired thermal power plant ?

It uses fuel with a high calorific value to produce electricity.

There are two types of gas turbine power plants :

  • Simple cycle power plants, which have a gas-powered combustion turbine, which in turn have a steam turbine coupled with a generator to produce electricity…
  • Combined-cycle power plants, which are increasingly widespread given their higher energy yield (up to 60% more). The heat contained in the exhaust as they exit the combustion turbine is recovered to produce steam. Steam turbine coupled with a generator produces electricity.


  • Our unique experience in designing and building complex installations…

…enables us to integrate our processes at your service during the different phases of a gaz-fired thermal power plant construction.

But it’s also…


 flexible energy
Able to handle consumption variations and complement renewable energy sources when there is insufficient wind, sun or water.


A competitive energy
Low investment cost
Readily available and easy to store, resulting in evenly distributed electricity production.


An energy with a responsible attitude towards global warming
Low impact of combustion on the environment
The cleanest fossil fuel energy


A reliable energy
For maximum energy efficiency and minimum emissions
Continuous production 7 days a week, all year long, unaffected by unpredictable weather
Perfect complementarity within the energy mix
Energy available on all continents


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