Solid Recovered Fuel

Turnkey solid recovered fuel preparation units design & build

What is solid recovered fuel ?

What is solid recovered fuel ?

From non-hazardous solid waste, after removal of recyclable content, solid recovered fuels (SRF) are prepared using a method giving high-value calorific yield, forming a replacement for fossil fuels.

SRF production thus works alongside material value recovery, by seeking to extract value from waste that cannot be recycled. This method of preparation aims to meet the need not only for energy density, but also a reduction in contaminants during combustion.


  •  Our unique experience in designing and building complex installations…

…enables us to integrate our processes at your service during the different phases of a solid recovered fuel preparation unit construction

But it’s also ….


An economic source of energy
Reducing the amount of waste to be buried in landfill

A clean energy
Stabilised, dry and odour-free products

Environmentally-friendly energy
Favourable carbon balance

Its combustion is recognised as being CO2-neutral

A value-recovery energy
SRF can be used to recover the value of up to 98% of household or general industrial waste

A high-performance energy
SRF can be stored
High calorific value


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